We at Systemtech Group are committed to implementing the very best in everything we do with the right Quality personnel and development programs to ensure our quality of work is to the highest levels expected of us. And all our staff has continued to participate in various advanced trainings and certifications offered from various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and partners. Our staff policy is

  • Right Training
  • Right Certifications
  • Right Knowledge
  • Right Customer satisfaction

Our Personnel Competence

Achievement of goal (Customer Satisfaction)

We put in energy and determination in the face of obstacles to set and meet challenging targets in compliance with quality, time and diversity of standards, delivering the required business results. This is important for us at Systemtech Group in getting the results we need to achieve our Objectives for our clients.

Analytical Thinking

Quality personnel bring disciplined analysis to data and situations.They envisage cause and effect, use this to make effective decisions.This is important Our in enabling us to prioritize and take important decisions based on an assessment of the impact and implications of the likely outcomes.

Customer Service Orientation

Customer Service Orientation is the willingness and ability to give priority to our customers, delivering high quality services which meet their needs; this is our sole objective.


Flexibility is our ability to adapt to and work with a variety of situations, individuals and groups. It is about being able to think on our feet, and not being disconcerted or stopped by the unexpected.


Holding People Accountable involves the ability to be totally clear with others about what has to be achieved, to what standard, by when, within what budget, and then make clear their accountability for final deliveries and solution keeping to defined standards.

Leading and Developing Others

We at Systemtech Group believe so much in leading, encouraging, inspiring and supporting others to develop confidence and capability to help them realize their full potential. This not only gives us the optimum human resource utilization but a talent pool unparraled to anyone in industry.

Relationship Building for Influence

Our Relationship Building for Influence is about developing and managing relationships with and through others to persuade, convince and/or gain support in order to improve our business delivery and achieve impact for Systemtech Group.

Unique Design

Our professional confidence is a justified belief in our ability to do the job, providing an opinion or advice when necessary and being prepared to take a decisive course of action.


Self-awareness is an understanding of our own emotions and ‘triggers’ and how they impact on our behavior and/or the behavior of others. It is also about understanding our own strengths and limitations.

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We at Systemtech Groupwork co-operatively, across cultures, country andorganizational boundaries to achieve shared goals. This gives us a cutting edge of having the best knowledge pool across world but still work effectively in any situation.


This is our ability to formulate new ideas or to adapt and use existing ideas in a new or unexpected way to solve problems, and to think ahead to spot or create opportunities and maximize them.This is important for us at Systemtech Group to deliver products and services that are creative, innovative and culturally appropriate. Within ourorganization, this behavior is about making changes that increase the effectiveness of our work. Externally, it is about increasing our sphere of influence and impact. It is important to understand that everyone can make a difference.

Working Strategically

This concerns our willingness to align priorities, planning and action to our Company’s Objectives and how we identify patterns or connections between complex and ambiguous situations that are not obviously related and using these to come to conclusions about key issues that affect our Company’s priorities.