High End Servers

High end servers are used to power some of the world’s most demanding, mission-critical environments. For enterprise-class customers who require high availability, rich virtualization capabilities, and long-term investment protection, Superdome is the solution of choice.

With breakthrough innovations such as the fault-tolerant crossbar fabric and Superdome 2 Analysis Engine, Superdome 2 sets the standard for the next decade of mission-critical computing.

High End Dedicated Servers are ideal as Back end cluster servers, offering high availability disk storage (Raid-5, Raid-6, Raid-50, etc) as well as high performance database servers (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc)

Utilising the latest in high performance RAID controllers, high speed disks, and capable of up to 64GB RAM with 8 and 16 cores per motherboard, these machines will deliver the grunt database applications required without delays.

When operated in a clustered environment, the site will be capable of millions of impressions an hour without breaking a sweat!

Systemtech Services Limited deal on high end servers across OEMs like HP, IBM, DELL and ORACLE.

Backup and Recovery

Data is generally regarded as a company's first or second most valuable asset -- right on par with people. Equally important with backing up data is the ability to recover that same data and recover it in a timely fashion to keep your business up and running. As your business matures, having reliable and secure data backups helps ensure that your business can recover from damaged, deleted, lost or stolen data.

We at Systemtech Group Strengthen your data protection, streamline backup and recovery, and meet a wide range of service levels. We leverage proven methodologies, tools and best practices to asses, consult, deploy, implement and manage enterprise backup and recovery solutions. Whether you need to back up a single notebook computer or multiple servers, our backup and recovery solutions provide you with reliable products, flexible services and expert advice to implement a data protection strategy to fit your business.

Storage Solution

The topology of a storage system (whether the storage devices are direct attached, network attached, or storage area networks (SANs)) has an impact on the speed of recording and retrieval, as do the networks used to transfer the data, and the use of technologies such as compression, reduplication, virtualization and tiering. Systemtech Group recognizes these various bottlenecks during the design and implementation of our unique Storage Solutions that keeps us miles apart from others.

Growing capacity without growing complexity is a challenge for every storage environment. With equipment and contracts from multiple vendors, you’re likely losing time and money by having to 'reinvent the wheel' over and over again. Our storage solutions combine our technical expertise with multivendor expertise can help you operate more efficiently and strategically, while also delivering measurable, ROI-based results.

our experts can help simplify your multivendor storage environment. Our expertise spans the entire technology environment, not just storage. With Storage Consulting and Support services you can be confident that all your storage needs are met. Storage infrastructure transformation, data optimization and availability, storage service transformation, multivendor SAN support, installation and implementation.

Data Center Solution

Today’s data centers have become far more than information processing sites. Evolving network requirements to process, manage and store ever-increasing volumes of data heighten the need for integrated, high-speed media. Data centers must be equipped to accommodate a broad array of rapidly changing demands:

Some key functions include:
  • Higher bandwidth requirements
  • Optimized energy and space consumption
  • Advanced applications and related architectures
  • Effective thermal management
  • Availability of real-time data and services delivery
  • Compliance with industry standards

Systemtech Group Data Centre Solutions allow deployment of complex architectures with maximum throughput performance for improved management and low operating costs. We leverage High Speed Data Transport Solutions to deliver:

  • Maximum infrastructure design flexibility that is both protocol and media agnostic to support a wide array of data center architectures with unmatched network performance
  • Flexible, scalable, modular systems with the capability to expand quickly as business needs evolve while providing a migration path to next generation application demands
  • Secure and reliable data transmission to enable diverse, mission critical applications
  • Maximized real estate utilization and thermal management through high density physical infrastructure solutions combined with leading data center reference architectures that also contribute to green initiatives and energy efficiencies.


Virtualization is an architecture that allows multiple operating systems to be run simultaneously on a single computer with each copy of an operating system installed on its own virtual machine can be used to consolidate the workload of several under-utilized servers to fewer machines thus saving on hardware, costs, management and administration of the server infrastructure.

We at Systemtech Group, being a direct partner to VMware, Microsoft etc, provide the two main types of virtualization available: Desktop Virtualization and Server Virtualization, depending on the customer’s requirements using industrial best practices.


Delivering desktops as a managed service lets you create a more flexible IT infrastructure so you can help your business respond more quickly to market changes and opportunities. Deploy applications and desktops faster and more consistently to a wider variety of clients, lowering costs while improving service levels. Extend the life of legacy applications and eliminate installation conflicts by virtualizing applications. For remote and branch offices, move your desktops into the cloud and deliver them as a managed service wherever they're needed while retaining the control and security you need.

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